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DNA Banking

DNA Banking is a safe, painless and secure method to store your genetic makeup for future use.

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DNA Banking

Price: €139
Testing: Applicant test only
Timeframe: 5 working days from receipt of sample at the laboratories

International Biosciences offers DNA banking services. DNA banking enables you to store your DNA and/or your DNA profile securely under laboratory conditions, ensuring it is available and ready for use for a period of 15 years. The cost of DNA banking for storage of 1 sample is of €139.

The process of DNA banking is simple and now available to anyone. The uses currently include the following:

• Identifying or excluding persons who make a claim on your assets or inheritance by establishing whether they are actual, biological relatives.

• Assisting in identifying genetic relatives who have gone missing or who work in high risk professions. In the cases of an unidentifiable victim, DNA testing can confirm the identity of the victim.

• Providing your offspring with the ability to use your genetic information to potentially identify predispositions for gene related conditions. DNA from an elderly parent could one day provide clues about inherited diseases and other genetic issues.

2 services to choose from

DNA banking with storage only: Storing your genetic information has never been simpler and more secure. A simple DNA sample collection procedure, using a mouth swab, is all that is required to collect your DNA. A person known as a sampler, which is normally a nurse or doctor, will need to be put in charge of collecting the samples. At our state-of-the-art laboratory your sample will be analyzed to make sure that it contains enough DNA should analysis be required later on. Only the client and whomever they authorize will have access to the sample. Your DNA will be kept secure for 15 years. This service if offered at €139.

DNA banking with DNA profiling: with this option we offer clients both the DNA storage facility as well as DNA profile extraction. Our clients will receive a 16 genetic marker profile (13 out of the 16 markers tested are the CODIS markers that are recognized worldwide as standards for human identity testing) as well as the DNA storage and banking certificate. Client’s DNA samples will be stored at the laboratory for the period of 15 years. This service is offered at €249.

DNA profiling only

Interested only having you own unique DNA profile mapped? International Biosciences offers DNA profiling for peace of mind purposes or for legal purposes. Read more about our DNA profiles here.

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