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Quick, easy and affordable DNA tests

Whether you are an animal lover, breeder or both, our tests can be invaluable for assuring a long healthy life for your pet and any future litters, as well as providing a scientifically backed pedigree. International Biosciences’s animal DNA tests include dog paternity testing and genetic health testing, feline PKD disease testing for Persian cats, avian DNA sexing and more. Samples are analysed in accredited laboratories so you can bank on the results you get.

Dog Intolerance Test
€79 Order now

Is your dog showing symptoms as visible skin problems, vomiting, diarrhoea, discomfort,
or mood swings without any apparent cause? International Bioscience’s dog intolerance
test can help you discover your dog’s reaction to 152 foods and 48 non  food items and
determine what exactly is causing your dog’s symptoms.

Food Suggestion Report
€35 Order now

If your dog suffers from intolerances and you want to know which foods and supplements
to include in your pet’s diet, the Food Suggestion Report is for you.

KnowYourDog Genetic & Breed Test
€109 Order now

Do you want to give your dog the best possible care? With KnowYourDog Genetic & Breed
you can learn valuable information about your canine friend’s breeds, physical traits and
susceptibility to diseases!

Dog Allergy Test
€109 Order now

Is your dog showing symptoms of an allergic reaction such as runny eyes, skin rash or swollen paws?
International Biosciences’s dog allergy test can help you discover your dog’s reaction to over 120 allergens
and determine what exactly is causing your dog’s allergies.

NOTE: Due to substantial increase in demand for this test
turnaround times may be delayed in some cases.

Dog Breed Identification test
350+ breeds
€104 Order now

Do you want to discover more about your dog’s breed(s) and ancestry? If so,
our test can help you learn about your canine’s tendencies. A simple cheek swab is all that is required!

Dog Parentage Test
€177 Order now

A dog parentage test is a means of accurately determining the parent/s of a dog.
If you plan to have a successful breeding programme and build a sound reputation
amongst dog breeders, dog parentage testing is a valuable tool.

Feline PKD Disease Test
€53 Order now

Might your cat have Polycystic Kidney Disease? Polycystic Kidney Disease or PKD
is an inherited genetic disease that can have serious implications on the health
of your cat and of its offspring.

Avian DNA Sexing
€21 (MINIMUM 5 BIRDS) Order now

Is it a male or a female? Get an answer to your question with avian DNA sexing.
Thanks to our test you can now determine with 100% accuracy the sex of a bird
and have your results in just 5 working days.

Dog Inherited Disease & Trait Test
€79 Order now

Do you wish your dog to live a longer and healthier life? Do you want to know
what diseases your dog might be genetically predisposed to in order to take
the necessary measures to mitigate the risks or eliminate them altogether?

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