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Paternal Lineage Test

IBDNA offers you the chance to discover your ancestral lineage with our paternal lineage
DNA test. This test is ideal  for unraveling your family heritage from your father line.

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Paternal Lineage Test

Price: €129.00
Testing: 1 person
Timeframe: 4 – 5 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratories

Please note that this test is only available for male test participants.

IBDNA offers you the chance to discover your ancestral lineage with our paternal
lineage DNA test. This test is ideal  for unraveling your family heritage are simple to carry out and results can form significant part of your personal research into your genealogy.

About our Paternal Lineage Test

Our paternal lineage ancestry test traces your line of descent from your paternal side of the family. The test will mark your origins thousands of years back, determining the geographical locations from which your paternal ancestors originated as well as tracing their migratory paths across the globe. The results will be send via email and not only provide you with a detailed map but they will also provide you with your very own haplogroup designation.

Your haplogroup designation is an important aspect of your lineage test because this is where we compare your genetic markers to the genetic markers of studied ancestral clans; these clans are in turn linked, through certain features in the DNA, to different regions on the globe. Haplogroups could indicate your ancestors came from central Asia, Siberia, East Africa, the West Mediterranean regions and much more. We will also give you information about famous genetic cousins you might have.

The test is made possible because of the patrilineally inherited Y chromosome. All males from the same blood line share the same Y chromosome and whilst some genetic feature will get diluted as millennia go by, some features of your DNA have remained unchanged and you still share these with your ancient paternal forefathers.

Although we have established the Y chromosome is only found in males, females too can take a paternal lineage test, not by testing their own DNA of course, but by asking a biological male paternal relative to the test on their behalf. The cost of our paternal lineage test is of €129.00. Your results along with your personalized high resolution map are sent to you in 4 – 5 weeks.

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What is the difference between Autosomal Ancestry Tests and Sex-Chromosome Ancestry Tests?

Some ancestry tests, such as maternal lineage and paternal lineage testing, are based on the analysis of sex chromosomes (either the Y chromosome or the X chromosome). Other ancestry tests, such as ancestral origins testing, are based on the analysis of autosomes (autosomes are those chromosomes we carry that are not sex chromosomes). To understand more about the difference between autosomal ancestry tests and sex chromosome ancestry tests, click here.

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