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Food Suggestion Report

If your dog suffers from intolerances and you want to know which foods and supplements
to include in your pet’s diet, the Food Suggestion Report is for you.

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Food Suggestion Report

Price: 35
Testing: 1 Dog Sample
Timeframe: 3-5 working days

The Dog Food Suggestion Report is an add-on to the Dog Intolerance Test. The recommendations are based on the result of the test. You therefore need to have purchased the Dog Intolerance Test to be able to receive your Food Report. Please insert in the comments box the Case Reference Number you have been provided for your Dog Intolerance Test.

Unleash Your Dog’s Potential with a Personalized Food Plan!

Tired of scratching your head over endless dog food labels, unsure what’s best for your furry friend with intolerances? Unlock the door to optimal health with the Food Suggestion Report!

This report is based on the results of your Dog Intolerance Test and contains recipes and brands of pet food and supplements excluding allergens to which your pet was found to have “Strong intolerance” and even “Mild intolerance”.

For just 35 , you’ll receive a custom roadmap to your dog’s ultimate nutritional journey, crafted by Miranda Rochol, a renowned expert from Energize Paws. Miranda’s passion for dogs and her extensive background in healthcare management mean she’ll leave no stone unturned in crafting the perfect diet for your precious pup.

Here’s what you get:

  • A curated list of food brands and specific recipes, hand-picked to exclude your dog’s allergens, even the mild ones if possible! Imagine a world where mealtime isn’t a minefield of triggers, but a celebration of deliciousness and optimal health.
  • Personalized advice from Miranda, tailored to your dog’s unique needs and “symptoms.” No cookie-cutter solutions here, just expert guidance for a truly transformative experience.
  • A convenient report brimming with information: allergen recap, shopping links for recommended brands, and even potential supplements for extra support. Get ready for stress-free shopping and a happy, healthy pup!

Results in 3-5 working days delivered by email

Results take just 3-5 working days after the Dog Intolerance Test results have been shared with the expert and you’ll receive your report by email. Imagine the wagging tails and grateful barks as you watch your dog thrive on a diet designed just for them!

Order your Food Suggestion Report today and unlock a world of possibilities for your furry best friend! This is more than just food, it’s an investment in their well-being, happiness, and a lifetime of tail-wagging adventures.

If you have previously purchased your Dog Intolerance Test you can order the Food Suggestion Report separately, just be sure to let us know your case reference number. If you haven’t ordered the Dog Intolerance Test yet, don’t worry, you can order it now along with your Food Suggestion Report!  Contact our customer service if you have any questions.

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