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Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is very elegant and dignified, yet may seem somewhat aloof. They are very sweet, loyal, affectionate and sensitive.


The Akita makes an excellent companion or guard dog. When sensing strangers or other dogs, they will bark, although not excessively. They are composed and faithful.

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute was originally bred for use as a utilitarian dog, and then later a sled dog.

American Eskimo Dog

The American Eskimo, or Eskie, is a fun loving, lively dog. These dogs are found to be very intelligent, obedient and willing to please. They enjoy human companionship, attention, cold weather, running and barking.

American Staffordshire Terrier

The American Staffordshire Terrier is an intelligent, happy, outgoing, stable, and confident dog. They are good-natured, amusing, and extremely loyal and affectionate.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog is a courageous, tireless, robust working dog. They are considered to be one of the most intelligent breeds and often require stimulation or they get bored.

Australian Shepherd

An excellent companion, the Australian Shepherd is easy going and loves to play. They always remain puppies at heart. They always remain puppies at heart. They are intelligent, eager to please, and seem to sense what is expected of them.


A true sight hound, the Basenji will run after anything that moves, especially cars. They should also not be trusted with non-canine pets. They are similar to cats in that they keep themselves clean. Although they do not bark, they are not totally mute, they may howl, growl or even make a yodeling sound.

Basset Hound

Devoted to its master and family, the Basset Hound has a gentle disposition and is mild, but not timid. They are a large dog on small legs.


The Beagle is bold, active, lively and full of energy. While intelligent and eager to please, they are also mischievous and have a mind of their own. They show great determination in all that they do.  They are gentle and sweet and love everyone.

Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie is an affectionate, lively and playful dog. They are a very entertaining dog to watch and have a cheerful and humorous temperament.

Belgian Tervuren

Smart and obedient, the Belgian Tervuren is serious and watchful with strong protective and territorial instincts. They are loyal to their master, and thrive on companionship.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a Swiss working dog (Sennenhund – alpine herdsman hound).

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is affectionate, playful and enjoys socializing with other pets. They enjoy being the centre of attention.

Black and Tan Coonhound

They are passionate workers and obedient companions, but can become destructive if they are not properly exercised.


Bloodhounds make wonderful family companions.  Known for their comical disposition and strong pack nature, Bloodhounds bond strongly with their family pack.

Border Collie

Outgoing, friendly and affectionate with friends, the Border Collie is reserved with strangers. They are highly intelligent, very motivated, enjoy working, and may become neurotic if not given enough to do.

Border Terrier

This lively, sturdy, and affectionate breed is eager to please making training an enjoyable task between a dog and owner. The Border Terrier is a bold hunting terrier and as such likes to dig.


Sweet and intelligent, the Borzoi is extremely loyal to its family. They are affectionate to people that they know well.

Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a devoted and sensitive breed. This playful and saucy dog can sometimes get aggressive with unknown dogs.


Highly intelligent, the Boxer is happy, playful and curious, but can be stubborn and sneaky. They bond closely with their families.


The Brittany is a good-natured, sweet, and easily trained breed. They are loving dogs but can accidentally hurt smaller children with its enthusiasm.

Bull Terrier

The Bull Terrier is a comical breed with an imagination and a stubborn streak. The Bull Terrier demands a lot of attention and can become destructive if left alone for long periods of time.


The Bulldog is kind and resolute. They are courageous, but not vicious or aggressive. Bulldogs are generally docile and tractable.


The Bullmastiff is a hardy breed which descended directly from the English Mastiff and Old English Bulldog.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

Catahoula Leopard Dogs, also known as Catahoula Curs, are intelligent, loyal, independent, protective and highly entertaining.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a happy and affectionate dog who is always eager and willing to please.

Chinese Crested

The Chinese Crested is a fine-boned, charming, and loveable breed. They are a very active breed and require regular exercise and socialization with people and other dogs.

Chinese Shar-Pei

The Chinese Shar-Pei is loyal to their handler, but will not slavishly follow all commands. They are intelligent, dominant and brave.

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow originated from Northern China where its name translated to puffy-lion dog. As cuddly as this breed looks they can actually seem aloof and detached, being restrained with their affections.

Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is eager to both work and hunt. They are trusting and respectful of their master. They are of average intelligence and may be difficult to housebreak.


Highly intelligent and easy to train, the Collie is extremely loyal, devoted and protective. They are sensitive and sweet.

The Dachshund

The Dachshund is clever, tenacious and willful. They can be manipulative, trying to train their master rather than allowing themselves to be trained.

Doberman Pinscher

The powerful, elegant and muscular Doberman Pinscher was bred to be a guard dog. They are people oriented and devoted and loyal to their family.

English Setter

The English Setter is sensitive, gentle and mild mannered. They enjoy the companionship of other dogs as well as humans.

English Springer-Spaniel

The English Springer Spaniel is gentle, even tempered and sociable. They are intelligent and obedient quick learners. They love everyone and need to be around people as much as possible.

Flat-Coated Retriever

The Flat-Coated Retriever is a great family dog, with a reliable temperament. Friendly, sweet and high-spirited, they love everyone, even strangers.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are a playful and affectionate breed. They are seen as quite comical and are often very curious.

The German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is intelligent and eager to please. They are extremely loyal and protective of their families, and suspicious of strangers, especially in the company of their masters. They are devoted and fearless. They have a high learning ability and are extremely responsive to training.

German Short-Haired Pointer

Friendly and intelligent, the German Short Haired Pointer is eager and willing to please. They display a keen enthusiasm for work.

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is generally friendly and intelligent, with a strong desire to please. They are lovable, confident and charming. They are a very social dog and crave human companionship.

Great Dane

Dignified, gentle, patient, kind and playful, the Great Dane needs to be around people. They are often referred to as a “gentle giant”.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees temperament can be described as quietly confident with a keen sense of danger and fearless as a guardian and protector.


The Greyhound is very reserved, sometime to the point of making them timid. They are sweet, sensitive and elegant.


The Havanese is a lively, affectionate, and social breed. They are considered to be a ”velcro” dog because they tend to follow their loved ones around.

Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hounds are quiet, clean, playful and polite.  They are normally gentle, sensible and sensitive.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a very energetic, intelligent, good-natured dog. These dogs have been found to be wonderful companions for adults and older children.

Italian Greyhound

A submissive breed that is gentle and affectionate, getting very attached to their owners whilst staying reserved with strangers.


The Keeshond is friendly and devoted to its family.  It has excellent hearing, an outgoing personality, and usually adapts well with other pets and children.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is kind, outgoing and eager to please. They are gentle, patient and reliable. They are extremely lovable and crave human attention.

Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is lively, assertive, friendly and hardy. They may be suspicious of strangers and will not tolerate rough children.


Lively and playful, the Maltese is affectionate, responsive and fearless. They are good at learning tricks if they feel sufficiently rewarded.


Originally valued for their abilities as a fierce guard and fighting dog, today’s Mastiff is a gentle giant. He is a self-confident, watchful, and patient dog who is gentle-natured towards his family

Miniature Pinscher

Demanding and headstrong, the Miniature Pinscher is spirited and fearless. They are a big dog in a small dog’s body, and may be overly courageous.


Strong and courageous, the Newfoundland has an almost human personality. They are patient and gentle, calm and noble.

Norwegian Elkhound

Reserved towards strangers but surprisingly friendly to those it knows. The Norwegian Elkhound makes a great companion. Use to hunt Elk and other big game such as bears and wolves these dogs are extremely brave and protective.

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are intelligent, alert, sensitive dogs. They are quite trainable and tend to be very affectionate towards family members.


The Papillon is a friendly, playful, intelligent and obedient breed of dog. They can also be calm, patient and gentle. The Papillon has a moderate activity level.

Parson Russel Terrier

The Parson Russell Terrier, also known as the Jack Russell Terrier, is loving, perky, devoted and totally fearless. Their hunting instinct is even stronger than other terriers.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is highly intelligent, devoted and protective. There have been cases where some actually lost their lives when an attempt to defend their home.


Intelligent and eager to learn, the Pomeranian is loyal to their owner and family. They are a small dog with a big dog personality.


The Poodle is an intelligent breed making them easy to train. They are a very sociable dogs that love being with people, however, some can sensitive and easily upset.


Rambunctious, perky and affectionate, the Pug has a loving and happy disposition. Pugs were originally bred as lap dogs and they thrive on human love and companionship.

Rat Terrier

The Rat Terrier is an intelligent, alert and loving dog. They are calm and cheerful, often easy to train and an easy dog to live with.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

A breed that originated in Zimbabwe, the Rhodesian Ridgeback has the reputation of a ferocious hunter however despite this fact the Ridgeback is also a perfect addition to the family.


Rottweilers love to be around people and when raised correctly make great family dogs. If they are raised with children, they great along with them but need to be taught appropriate behavior, especially since they are large dogs.

Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is extremely gentle in spite of its massive size. They are slow-moving, and usually tolerant. They want to please and are extremely loyal to their family.


The Schnauzer is an active, friendly and playful breed. They are highly intelligent dogs but can be a bit stubborn.

Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier is an independent, self-assured, active breed. These dogs are found to be great watchdogs due to their loyalty to their families, endless determination and fearless personality.

Shetland Sheepdog

Affectionate and responsive to their owners, the Shetland Sheepdog may be reserved towards strangers. They are intensely loyal and make excellent companion dogs.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is full of character, spunky and happy. They are dignified and at sometimes arrogant. They are alert watchdogs and like to bark, although they are generally quiet when inside. They need to be with people and make affectionate companions. They may be difficult to housebreak.


Siberian Husky

As a breed, the Siberian Husky has very few health problems. They may suffer from cataracts or corneal abnormalities. They are also prone to hip dysplasia.

Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

The Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier is an intelligent breed which originated in Ireland in the early 20th century as a working dog.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Totally fearless and tenacious, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier does everything full throttle.


The Weimaraner is obedient, alert, friendly and fearless. They are intelligent and highly motivated by rewards, but can be opinionated and willful.

West Highland White Terrier

A self-reliant breed with a big self-esteem, they are observant, brave and come with a love for companionship for their owner.


While intense, the Whippet is sweet, docile and gentle. They are very devoted companions, and are generally calm and quiet in the home.

Yorkshire Terrier

Totally oblivious of its small size, the Yorkshire Terrier is always eager for adventure and trouble. While affectionate toward their master, they may be suspicious of strangers.

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