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Prenatal Testing

Quick, easy and affordable DNA tests

Cut short the 9 months you have to wait to find out the gender or paternity of your child. With our non-invasive prenatal paternity test, done during pregnancy, you can find out whether an alleged father is the biological dad of your child. And with our baby gender test, you will know whether you will have a boy or a girl in an accurate, painless and 100% safe manner.

Advanced Baby Gender DNA Test
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Expecting? Are you looking for the most advanced and trusted baby gender prediction test on the market?
If so, you have found it! International Biosciences’s highly scientific and avant-garde baby gender test offers
validated accuracy of 98% or more and can be done as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy (8 weeks
post conception). We only require a small blood sample from the expectant mother!

Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Test
€1095 Order now

Who is the father of your unborn child? International Biosciences is now offering one of the most
advanced prenatal paternity tests worldwide which is risk-free for both the mother and baby!
The test offers a 99.9% accuracy level and can be performed from just 9 weeks pregnancy.

Prenatal Screening for
Chromosomal Abnormalities

Many expectant mothers are concerned their baby might be affected by chromosomal abnormalities.
Are you one of them? We can help you. International Biosciences is offering the most validated
prenatal screening test on the market with a published study based on the outcomes of nearly
147,000 pregnancies! Starting at just 10 weeks of pregnancy (8 weeks post conception),
this highly advanced, non-invasive screening test screens for genetic conditions including
Trisomies, Deletion Syndromes and Sex Chromosome Aneuploidies.


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