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Quick, easy and affordable DNA tests

A range of other miscellaneous DNA tests are offered by IBDNA such as DNA Profiling and DNA Banking.

Identification Profiling
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The International Biosciences Identification Profile DNA test provides clients with a hardcopy
of their 21 marker DNA Profile. This test differs from most in that it does not test relationships
between individuals, but brings out the unique DNA profile for an individual.

Home DNA Banking
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Why not store your DNA sample at home using our home DNA banking service?
Your preserved DNA sample can help in cases where a DNA is needed later on,
perhaps for legal purposes, relationship or identification purposes

Semen Detection Test
€129 Order now

We offer the most accurate semen detection testing service for only €129.
Results will be available within 10-15 working days from receipt of samples.

€50 Order now

IBDNA IE offers an electropherogram of your DNA test results for just €50.
A Personal electropherogram gives you the opportunity to view your one and
only DNA sequence in the form of a computer-generated graphs which shows
the DNA fragments analysed during DNA sequencing.

DNA Banking
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DNA Banking is a safe, painless and secure method to store your genetic makeup for future use.

Disaster Victim Identification
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The DVIstat™ tissue extraction device is a practical tool for securing tissue samples
from cadavers in mass fatality incidents while simultaneously securing an
active Radio-Frequency Identification Tag (RFID)

DNA Test for Surrogacy
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The term surrogacy refers to situation where a woman carries and gives birth to a
child or children on behalf of another person or couple. The woman who carries and
delivers the child is known as the surrogate mother.

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