Testimonials 2021

Very happy with service. It was great to get clarity on the breed of the dog we have. It definitely makes life easier as we now know what to expect with the breed. Expected to receive results in 3 weeks after the sample reached the lab, however after the sample was delivered to the company and to the lab, it only took a week. Will be using again if needed in future.

Michael, 10th August 2021

Testimonials 2020

I was very pleased with my experience with International Biosciences. The customer representatives were extremely helpful and professional. I also received my results earlier than promised!

B.B., 12th December 2019

Testimonials 2018

Extremely satisfied! I received my ancestry test results much quicker than expected and the sample collection process was relatively easy.

R.W., 3rd August 2018

Fast, efficient and great customer service. Will definitely recommend in the future!

N.D., 25th March 2018

Testimonials 2017

Good overall experience. Quick and reliable.

M.D., 29 June 2017

I was very surprised and intrigued by my DNA ancestry results. The service was great from start to finish!

M.R., 25 June 2017

Couldn't be happier with this process. Super easy to do fast and efficient results. I was supposed to get a discount because of the LMBA which was not applied initially. I emailed the company and it was corrected in less than a day! Very very pleased!

E.B., 03 May 2017

Very satisfied customer. Thank you.

A.R., 03 May 2017

Thank you for the very quick results! They are very clear and easy to read! I would definitely recommend you to others!!

A.S., 25 April 2017

Testimonials 2016

Easy efficient and prompt.

M.H., 11 August 2016

Very satisfied with the service would highly recommend.

R.B., 11 August 2016

The process was very quick and easy to do.

J.D., 11 July 2016

The service was fantastic .... Thank you very much.

C.N., 26 May 2016

Very happy with the service and the results. I would recommend to everyone.

S.B., 15 May 2016

Thank you for a prompt professional service.

L.P.V., May 2016

Thank you for all your help and giving me the answers I needed to establish who I belong to. I now know who my biological father is.

L.B., March 2016

Great fast service and contact. Thank you.

K.M., March 2016

This is the 2nd time I have used you. Both times excellent.

A.F., 1 March 2016

Fast turnaround time. Results are easy to understand. Results delivery via email is fast, convenient and discreet.

T.M., 28 February 2016

Very fast professional service.

T.G., 12 February 2016

I am impressed with the direct information on the website and equally impressed with service delivered. Keeping me informed at every stage was first class service.

N.D.N., 09 February 2016

I am very very satisfied I chose 'International Biosciences' as this has now made my son's frantic mind rest. Thank you very much for your discretion and professionalism and also clear instructions and ease of use.

L.W., 23 January 2016

The reviews were very helpful to provide confidence in the service. Fantastic communication throughout professional and efficient. Thank you!

D.S., January 2016

Fantastic service all round and even better got the peace of mind results that I wanted 🙂 also the privacy is very good too 🙂

K.M., January 2016

Testimonials 2015

I'm delighted with the service as a peace of mind  the information and instructions on the dna kit was very easy to understand and do it at home  quick results I will recommend you to friends and family  well done  thank you

I.A., 9 October 2015

I have used your service twice and have been happy with the results.

C.W., 7 August 2015

Very professional and helpful would highly recommend

G.S., 28 June 2015

I received the results before I expected them and if the need ever arises again I would not hesitate to use the service again and will definitely recommend you. Thank you so much

K.A.,18 June 2015

Thank you for confirming that my long lost son was mine

L.C., 18 June 2015

Whilst I didn't choose your lab based on your website I do feel your website could be updated and maybe a little less cluttered. There was lots of information to look through on one page. Very pleased with your service though as the correspondence I had with your representative felt very personal and he answered all my queries promptly and clearly. Thank you!


I think customers should have a little more time to decide if they decide to take the test or change their minds.


Many thanks for your prompt service. I have been looking for my dad for 30 years, I found him last December and now with confirmation of our DNA test results, I am able to enjoy a family that I never knew


Thank you so much. It takes any man to be a father but a real man to be a Dad and this result doesn't really change much for me but this has given me peace of mind and also some closure for me.

Thank you and your team again. Kind regards


I just wanted to say thank you for the personal attention you gave this file. The father and my daughter have begun a relationship via email/Facebook and will be meeting in August. Thanks again it's nice to know when you're not just a number.


Thank you so much for your detailed explanation and prompt delivery of the results, your professionalism and courtesy. It was the result we were all hoping for. Much appreciation.


Thank you very much for getting the results to us this morning. It was very welcome news and now we can get on with our lives free of any worries. Thanks again.


Thank you for such a fast, reliable and confidential service. You have been of great help and given me the opportunity to make clear a complicated situation in a most uncomplicated way.


I want to thank your company for the fast and efficient service you have provided. The results have provided peace of mind for a family member.


I wanted to thank you all for your kindness and patience with all the phone calls I've given you, for all the explanations and for the great news I've been dying for! 🙂 Thank you again.


Thank you for the quick results. I found your company very professional and a pleasure to work with.


Thank you ever so much for the good news you gave me today. I have been so worried and have not slept well for months with anxiety. From the minute I made initial enquiries about your service to the minute I received my results, I have been treated with dignity and did not feel judged in any way. After a very difficult period in my life, it was just the treatment I needed.

I had a look at the chart, but its double dutch to me. All I know is the result is positive and I can now get on with planning for this little boy and giving my marriage the honesty it deserves. The doctor I saw was lovely too, and made me feel very relaxed and has now sent me a report confirming that the baby has no known deformities etc.

When I rang you today, I had just had a scan and was about to sign the legal papers to terminate the pregnancy. I went back into the waiting room and told the receptionist I'd changed my mind, I think they thought I was mad as I was in floods of tears, but they were tears of joy. Thank you so very very much for everything, I know I will sleep soundly tonight.


Thank you all so very much! I am very pleased with the results and appreciate you and your company doing the testing for me and my family! 🙂


I would like this opportunity to thank you and everyone at your firm for your professional help and advice during my enquiry all the way through to the result. It's a GREAT weight off my shoulders knowing that I am the biological father and the relationship I have acquired during these years between both of them are not in vain. Once again thank you.


I have just received the results of my DNA test and would like to say a big thank you to you, and everyone else, that's been involved in the process. I apologise for any impatience on my part, but even if the results could have been given in 4 hours it would have seemed to be an eternity. Once again I'd like to thank you for the service you've provided and, although I don't plan on needing your services again, I wouldn't hesitate in using you, and will recommend you to my friends and colleagues in similar situations


Thank you very much. My child can now have a Dad. God bless u all


I just wanted to drop a quick line to tell you how much we appreciated your help with the boys' DNA tests. We feel blessed to have gotten the results we hoped for after so many years of not knowing, but even if it had gone the other way, the service you offer to help people find answers and closure is so valuable. We appreciated the prompt attention to our emails and constant communication throughout this obviously emotional time for us all. Thanks so very much


Many thanks for all your help and for the professionalism of your organisation. It was most helpful and reassuring


Many thanks for the promptness of your responses. It is good to know that can still happen in this day and age. It is so important in any business. I spent my working life in sales and marketing and early responses are a reflection on how good a business is run. You get 100 plus. Thanks again.


I appreciate your prompt service and results of the DNA testing for me... We are both so excited and relieved that this has removed any doubt from our minds! Thank you again


Thank you very much. This is a tremendous load off my mind. For 8 years I've struggled with these thoughts of infidelity and if he was mine. Most of the time subconsciously and it was starting to eat at me and drive me crazy. This will greatly improve my mood and relationship with my family.


"I am writing to say thank you. In your business you may not get a lot of thank yous but I wanted to let you know how happy what you do has made two only children who are orphans (ok, we are 55 and 80 but so what). Even at this late date we are thrilled to know we are brother and sister... Thanks again for helping bring people together!


Just to say thank you very much for the previous test, I was more than happy with your service and would recommend your service to anyone.

G.S., 18 June 2015

Thank you for sending this information over earlier this week. I wanted to send a quick email to thank your team for the professional and efficient way they handled our case. All members of your team dealt with our situation in a perfect manner that made us feel supported and clear about all aspects of the proceedure. This has been a difficult few months, but we now have the results we were hoping for and can now get on with looking forward and feeling positive about the next 6 months. Once again thank you all for helping us get through these difficult times. Kind regards


Hi, thank you so much for your assistance! I couldn't believe how simple and speedy the whole process was! Thanks again


Thanks a million, I just couldn't ask for more


Thank you for forwarding the result of the DNA to us this morning. It has made an enormous difference in our lives and we are very pleased. Thank you


Thank you so much. I have never whooped for joy over reading an email before. Or felt so sick reading one! This is exactly what I needed to hear. Perhaps now I can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy regardless of all my other issues!! Thank you again, especially to Sue who has been very patent with me. Kind Regards.

A.B., 18 June 2015

I can't thank you enough for providing us with such wonderful news at 6:24am this morning. It has been better than Christmas Day! Best wishes.

J.L., 18 June 2015

It is with utmost pleasure to receive your much anticipated results. Personally your findings are of no surprise to me. It just emphasised your company's competence and unmatched professionalism. In the final analysis, as a relieved man, I'm hereby expressing my sincere gratitude to the whole team of yours at the International Biosciences facility. Thank you ever so much


Thank you so much for a quick & fast service which has put my son's mind at ease after being told for 30 years that I was not his dad. I just can't believe how good your service is, thanks again.


Thank you so much for all of your help. The service I have received has been fantastic and I really appreciate it.


I would just like to say thank you for the service provided to me. My results came through so quickly & fortunately with the answer we all wanted. Thanks again.


Hello, I wanted to inform you that, as perfectly planned, I've received the test results. Thank you for the extremely rare reliability and punctuality in performing your work! I'll contact you again if I need the official test that I can use in Court. Thanks


Just wanted to say thank you so much for a very quick and effective service and putting all our minds at rest. Kind regards.

C.W., 18 June 2015

Merci beaucoup cher Stefano. Je suis heureux de la découverte de mes origines dans le Nord de l'Europe et du lien génétique avec les Belges, Italiens, Irlandais, Anglais et Suédois etc. Je suis vraiment très heureux. Je suis un Européen, j'appartiens à L'Europe. Je vous remercie pour cette information. Je remercie l'IBDNA. Je ne peux pas trouver les mots pour exprimer mon bonheur. Merci encore une fois.


Je voulais vous remercier pour la qualité et la rigueur de vos tests ADN. Je suis très satisfait de votre travail. Pour votre publicité,je vous autorise à publier mon avis, ainsi que mon nom. Dans un avenir relativement proche, je vais faire, de nouveau faire appel à vos services, je dois savoir exactement le lignée de mon Père, hélas décédé, mais j'ai gardé des poils de barbe, que je vous adresserais, et j'espère que vous serez aussi éfficace que pour moi. Avec mes remerciements


Hi, I would just like to say thank you very much for all your help, I got the results I was looking for and found my dad. We are now very happy thank you very much.

C.M., 25 May 2015

I just wanted to thank you for helping me through a very difficult time. From ordering my kit to getting the results sooner than expected I've been updated and kept informed. Thankfully I didn't need any support after but knowing it's there for people who don't get the result they want is a huge help. Thank you again!


Last Saturday I received the results and I have to say that I was quite impressed by the work your company has done. I'd really recommend your company to many others


I found the whole process from start to finish very fast, reliable and straightforward and would definitely recommend people to use IB


Very quick and easy right from ordering to understanding the results very happy and would recommend to others if they find themselves in the same situation.


No comments, service, price and delivery were excellent!


Thank you for your prompt service and patience with calls and lost post! All came together in the end perfectly.


Very happy with the service, thank you.


Firstly I'm so so so so happy with the result and I got the exact result I had been hoping for so that's amazing. Secondly I was in such a rush for my results and was panicking I wouldn't get them in time and I got my results back 24 hours before the estimated date which was fabulous. Thirdly I would like to personally thank Steven who has been fantastic he replied to every email very quickly (and I sent a lot) he gave me every bit of information I asked for and clarified everything for me and reassured me when I was panicking about getting my results back by the estimated date. Over all I'm very impressed thankyou very much to everyone involved in my case. I'm very happy with my results and the service provided


You were very professional. I’ve used you in the past and found you supportive and helpful. Keep up the good work.


Very impressed with how fast the service has been and how user friendly the website and results tracking is


Thank you so much for your company's swift and professional manner in which you have handled my son's case. You have now confirmed I am a grandma and even though our son has passed we have a little miracle from him left behind for us to love. Best regards

C.L., 28 May 2015

I don't know if you get many replies to these emails but I just wanted to thank you and your team. You made a very difficult situation a lot easier to resolve than I thought it would be. As you will probably understand, the pressure that had built up on me prior to getting this test done has been immense, and it is a huge weight off my shoulders. My little girl and I will be forever grateful for the clarification and confirmation on what we both thought to be true. Kind Regards.

D.B., 25 May 2015

A few lines to thank you ever so much for the results I received, excellent and keep up the good work.

C.M., 18 May 2015

Un million de merci ne suffiront pas pour vous exprimer ce que je ressens. Merci pour votre excellent travail. Cordialement.

L.T., 15 May 2015

Thanks for your time and effort, very pleased with the outcome, it's good to know which route to take especially at XMas, many thanks

A.M., 9 May 2015

Thanks, I have not yet opened the attachment but this was the desired result. Thank you so much for the way you have handled things in what I guess was an extra-ordinary case. Perfect

A.M., 5 May 2015

Thank you for sending the results in such a short time, I am very happy that the test results show a high probability that ... is my grandaughter and I can now move forward to develop a bond and relationship with her. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone who needs these tests for peace of mind or conclusion to their query. Once again, Thank you very much.

G.B., 1 May 2015

Just to let you know the results of my ancestral DNA have arrived. Now to decode and digest it slowly! Thank you for your company's prompt service, and for ensuring the results were in my family name, I felt it more appropriate. The quality of the map is excellent too. Best regards.

D.L., 28 April 2015

Thanks for a prompt, discrete and professional service. Regards

G.J., 25 April 2015

I would just like to thank you and all the staff at IBDNA for such an efficient service. I have waited 30 years to know the truth and the result is the result I had hoped for so I now have peace of mind. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Thank you all once again.

A.G., 20 April 2015

Testimonials 2014

Great service and prompt and discreet  I did not have to contact customer service  as all the information was clear on the website  and in the pack sent to me. I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again.


Results are a little hard to read... But got there in the end.. A bit blinded by science..


The visual results could be enhanced by the inclusion of a short essay summarising the findings and pointing out any qualifications.


I would like to say that we greatly appreciated your help in organising and delivering the DNA results so quickly... It was a very special time for all of us! Thank you so much!


Thank you very very much, you've been very helpful


Just want to say a big thank you for the results that I have been waiting for from your team. As you can imagine this was a very tender issue for myself and my family, I just would like to take the time to say thank you for your professional and reliable help, we can now settle down and raise a happy family together with our beautiful little girl. Many thanks.


I would like to thank you so much for all your help, we got the results that we wanted. I would like to say that you have been really good to me, replying back to my e-mails quickly and for being very helpful while I've been waiting for the results. So just to thank you again from the both of us and thank you to all your team who have made this possible.


Just wanted to thank you and the rest of the team for your promptness and discretion in this matter.


Brilliant. At last I can put this issue from my mind once and for all. Thank you


I want to thank you for your prompt reporting of the results of my Paternity Testing. The way in which you handled my case was, from beginning to end, courteous and professional and I am grateful for your making the process as stress-free as possible. I would have no hesitation in recommending your services. Please use this as a recommendation in your literature, if required. Your sincerely.


Thank you very much for sending these results through so quickly. It is the result I was expecting & really does help me in making an informed decision as to what to do next. I am just so grateful to at long last finally discover who I am. Kind regards.


Thank you so much for the service. I would not hesitate to recommend your company. I have found all contact pleasant, helpful and professional. Kindest Regards.


Thank you for your prompt and professional service, I got the result I was after and I cannot thank you enough


Thanks so much. Fantastic news! Terrific response & great company to deal with.


Hi there to anyone who's reading this . I chose International Biosciences because of their ease of process, everything was painless & straightforward, the receptionist was very helpful & the lab technicians who I conversed with were very understanding, this test has certainly put my mind at rest on any paternity matters, I would definitely use you guys again if the need arose, would recommend your company to anyone who's reading your testimonials. Thanks once again for all your help


You are doing your work in a professional way guys. Keep it up and the results I got them in hours, thanks.


Excellent service over sensitive subject and results earlier than expected. Thank you so much.


Thank you for a quick solution to my doubts


Thank you so much it settled a lot of stress and now can live our lives thank you


Carnt fault the service i recieved its very very straight forward. Also iv had the results iv bin waiting for and i couldnt be happier! Thank you


Could not fault customer service very impressed with everything just perfect! Thankyou


Testimonials 2013

We'd like to thank you for the throroughly professional and incredibly speedy service we received from your company. The pack for our twin zygosity test arrived promptly, was simple to use, and the results were reported back to us clearly and in very good time. All in all, a great service; thank you


Thank you for the quick results and after 27 years of uncertainty you have given my son and I peace of mind. You're an angel.


I am so pleased you have received the flowers and you like them... it's nothing compared to what you have done for me... Thank you so much for everything you have done for me, without you I don't think I would have been able to do this alone. Many thanks


I have received the results and I am very pleased with the outcome. I would like to pass on my sincere gratitude to Sue and the team at IBDNA. Sue has been great every step of the way. From the moment I enquired to the days leading up to the test. I would also like to add that the clinic I was referred to was top quality. Their level of care was second to none. Thank you all very much. I can finally move forward with a clear head and clean conscience. Best Regards


I just wanted to thank you and the staff at IBDNA for being so prompt with the testing. As you can well imagine, this has given me closure and has helped me connect with my father's extended family. I am sad that I was too late to find my father, yet I have found two half-brothers and a sister that I never knew I had. After more than thirty years of searching and wondering, this has finally brought me to the end of the journey. I am so very grateful and more than a little relieved, especially since my new siblings are extremely happy and eager to share information and memories of our 'dad'. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you. You don't know how much this means to me to finally know the truth 100% Thanks again


Thank you for your email. The service your company has provided has been excellent. I would recommend your company to any one who asked. I would like to thank all who have worked on my case. Kind regards


Just a note to thank you and your company for the assured conclusion in my need to determine if I had the same Father as my Brother. There are many companies offering a similar service, but I called you out of hours and our brief conversation reassured me I had made the right choice. Your efficient and professional service was much appreciated at this time, I wish you all the best for the future. Kind regards.


I would just like to thank you and your team for a very professional service. From the day I contacted your services by phone the care and attention given to my case has been exemplary and dealt with in a very professional manner. Thank you once again.


Thank you ever so much, it was quick, easy and that's the best 150 quid I've ever spent! Woo, I can relax now, thank you


Thank you very much for all your help and quick response. Many thanks.


I've just discovered I am a Grandparent and I'm absolutely overjoyed. Thank-you.


Speedy service. Chose you because of the 24 hr result service and was notified by email


Fantastic friendly, quick results.


I found the entire process very easy and found the information explaining the results and interpretation very useful.


ould like to say you are the best so far in customer service from answering the phone all the way to the end the price was not the cheapest but you pay for the service and everything that does come along with it and you guys ticked every single box really fast reliable and very honest and trust worthy i would very highly recomend you guys to any1 that requires any of the services really patient and very polite customer service when ansearing calls and helping out in everyway they can there is no negative feed back to give youguys just keep up the good hard work and hope your bussiness grows even stronger just would like to say a big thankyou to mike on live chat for the help he gave thanks once again


I was glad to always have the same contact person when I had questions. Mr Ford is an excellent professional very polite and efficient. Thanks a lot for your help and fast results.


Professional informative efficient. Fantastic service


Testimonials 2012

Steve was extremely helpful and answered all of my questions and explained everything til I understood


We just wanted to say thank you for providing us with the result we were so desperately hoping for. All of the team at IBDNA have been very professional and so kind and courteous on the phone, in such stressful circumstances this proved quite comforting. Once again thank you to you and all of the team and I hope that IBDNA keep on providing this service and hopefully many more people can receive the result that they too were hoping for. Kind Regards


Many thanks for the help you have given. It is a blessing for me and my daughter after almst 40 years. Now for the rest of our lives. Again many thanks.


Thank you so much for the quick response. I appreciate the efficiency and professionalism of your company; I'm very much impressed.


Thank you for the excellent service


Many thanks for all your help. I am really happy with the results and hope that this can lead to a better relationship with my son, now the doubts have been removed. Both you and the service of the company have been first class


I would just like to thank you for your report and that it has now closed a very painful chapter in my families life. Regards


I was sent the results this morning. They were the ones I wanted so a happy ending. Thank you so much for your efficiency and diplomacy in dealing with this.


Just to thank you for sending the results through a few weeks ago. They have very much put our minds at ease, confirmed our doubts and the truth is really helping us to move on. Many thanks.


Hi sir, Thank you, I've received the report and feel very happy. I feel the service you are doing is beyond business and money. Once again I thank you for the service. Thank you


Thanks for the results, we were over the moon to receive them early and also that the result was that for which we had hoped. Many thanks for your help on this.


You gave me and my half brother the best Christmas present we could have ever wished for. After all these years (me 76, him 72) we now feel like a family. We have met each other now, very emotional, but wonderful. Thank you so much for making this possible. Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. Kind regards.


The Gentleman that I first spoke with was very understanding and gave me great advice as to exactly what I needed. He explained the process very well and was exremely well informed. He also explained possible outcomes in a clear and direct manner. The service was extremely quick and we were delighted with the results as it was confirmation of what we had hoped for


I would just like to thank Steve for his continuous support.


I was informed that the results would be with me the following week after hand delivering the test as it was over the Christmas period but to my surprise I logged onto my emails and saw a link to results page on Christmas eve and there they were. Best Christmas present ever and can't thank you enough.


Your site was brilliant and very professional. I got all the info I needed from it! You offered a very fast service.


Testimonials 2011

Could not believe the speed and support from this service. Help was immediately responsive with easy to understand replys.


Just would like to say thank you for your service and professionalism. You have provided the answer I needed and comfort. I hope I never have to recomend you guys to friends or family for obvious reasons but would... Thanks again.


Thank you so much. And I would just like to say you were really wonderful on the phone. I guess you all have training to have some understanding of the type of customers you get who may all be in a similar situation to myself but I was so impressed with your sensitivity and understanding. Thank you


Thank you so much for your assistance with regard to this case. Your service has been very prompt throughout and I will not hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues.

L.P. Immigration Officer

Many thanks for these results which make me feel much happier. Thank you very much for your help and efficient service. Kind Regards.


I can tell you that you have three very ecstatic people today. Thank you to your team for a highly professional service that you have, this also includes the gentleman that gave me the news this morning the way he told me and the way he asked the question that he had to ask was very professional. Once again thank you very much indeed. I would have no hesitation recommending your services. Kind regards


Thank you so much for this considerate gesture. I have now let my dad know the results of this test although he never doubted it would be anything different. I, too, am happy with the results as I always had a feeling about this, one of the itches I have eventually had to scratch. I will certainly recommend your services should the need ever arise. Once again, my thanks for all of your help. Kind regards.


DNA stands for Differences Never Apply. It is a youth led peer mentoring project tackling extremism and promoting greater social cohesion in the local communities of Birmingham and was awarded the Children and Young People Now Award 2011 for Youth Work. A critical part of the project involves young people exploring their sense of identity, belonging and purpose. International Biosciences has consistently given fantastic service in producing ancestral maps and information from DNA provided by the young people. Not only do the maps and information produce eye opening results in terms of young people's geographic and racial ancestry, they are a perfect backdrop to help young people explore who they are and where they belong today. I cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism of International Biosciences and the service they provide. It is second to none. Thank you for helping us to make the project such a great success!

Lee Rogerson, MBE MA (Managing Director), Street Talk Initiative

Just want to say thanks again for looking at my situation and dealing with things for me as quickly as you have. All the best


Fast responses to queries by email and telephone. Very good service.


Very fast results, excellent service.


Steven Ford was very informative understanding and professional. Dealt with all questions before and after test quickly and thoroughly and put the results in context to put my mind at rest

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