Strong and courageous, the Newfoundland has an almost human personality. They are patient and gentle, calm and noble. They have a protective nature and are so intelligent that they can recognize a dangerous situation and take the steps necessary to protect their family.

Newfoundlands were bred as working dogs – pulling nets for fishermen and hauling wood from forests – and they enjoy both land and water. They are very sweet breed that adores children. They love the outdoors, especially water, but enjoy hu0n companionship even more. They are a very friendly and kind breed.

They have a desire to please and are intelligent dogs with a strong work ethic. Newfoundlands are easy to train – they learn rather quickly – but should be trained early. They excel in search and rescue positions – especially rescuing people from ice cold waters. Newfoundlands need adequate exercise for both physical and mental stimulation.

Major Health Concerns: As with most large breeds, the Newfoundland tends to suffer from hip dysplasia. They may also have Subaortic Stenosis (SAS), a narrowing of the left ventricular chamber of the heart.

Interesting Fact: Newfoundlands grew such a good reputation for their ability to rescue drowning swimmers that they were once required at lifeguard stations along the British coast.

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