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Paternity Testing in Drogheda


County Louth is colloquially known as the ‘Wee County’ as it is the smallest county by square foot but it is the 19th largest by population. It is a county steeped in a rich history of myth and legend going back to the Cooley Cattle Raid. It also saw the influence of the Vikings present in the name of the village Carlingford. The official spelling is Lu derived from Lughbhaidh and means the Celtic pagan God Lugh whose festival is celebrated at Lunasa. More recent history has seen Louth prosper during the Celtic Tiger era thanks to its closeness to Dublin which led to many more restaurants and commuters flooding to the area.

In the 5th and 6th centuries Louth was a part of the ecclesiastical Ireland with rich religious communities, the monastery at Monasterbouce and the Cistercian abbey at Mellifont. The Norman invaders developed Dundalk and the two towns opposite each other on the banks of the Boyne were united in 1412 and became what is now known as Drogheda. Drogheda is Louth’s most appealing town. There is a nightclub called Earth which is located in the Westcourt Hotel this attracts a fairly young crowd and has been described as a ‘cattle market’ but hey, the music is good and ranges from club classics to house and techno and there is also a pretty cool beer garden.

When visiting Ireland one must enjoy live music in the pub and one of Drogheda’s top spots for this is Peter Matthews. It is popular with a younger crowd and the music varies from heavy metal to traditional Irish folk music. Places to stay, well you’re spoilt for choice in Drogheda, for starters D Hotel is a 4 star hotel which sits on the banks of the River Boyne in the town centre. This is a hipster hotel with minimalist rooms and designer furniture, it has a stylish bar and restaurant with a mini gym and fabulous views of the city. However this hotel is heavy with hen and stag parties at weekends. If you would rather get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy the fantastic scenery County Louth has to offer then get out to the Cooley Birdwatching Trail: the Cooley peninsula is protected and is home to lots of species of birds including red-breasted mergansers, buzzards, tits and different types of finches. The trail is found in Carlingford, just ask in the local tourist office for more information. Carlingford is also the start of the 40km Tain Way which makes a circuit all the way round the Cooley Peninsula and through the Cooley Mountains. For those keen on hiking and trekking this is a fabulous way to see the countryside, the route is a mixture of surfaced roads and forest tracks, ask at the tourist office for more information.

Paternity Tests in Ireland

International Biosciences accept orders for Paternity Tests kits from Drogheda, the surrounding areas and all of Ireland. We also have an authorised sample collection facility in Dublin for legal cases.

In Ireland, the Status of Children Act maintains that children are the offspring of their mother’s husband unless it is proved otherwise. But for unmarried parents, there is a need for Paternity tests. If an unmarried mother names a man as the father of her child on the birth certificate, she can then attempt to obtain maintenance from him in the family law courts. Equally, a man who suspects that he is the father of a particular child may find that the mother is unwilling to have him involved. Paternity tests will help in these situations.

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