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DNA Testing in Galway


County Galway is in the West of Ireland. It is home to the largest Gaelic speaking region in Ireland which is the Gaeltacht. There are nearly 50,000 people living within this region which extends westwards towards Connemara. Galway the city is said to be the most Irish of Ireland’s cities, where you’ll hear Gaelic spoken in the streets, pubs and shops. Galway city is a bohemian city filled with pubs and live music, street performers and lots of weekend parties running amok.

The City itself is steeped in history but still has a modern vibe to it. Galway is a university city and this gives it a young feel as students make up a quarter of its population. You can buy Claddagh rings, second hand books and Aran jumpers at the pretty little shops located within what’s left of the medieval town walls. You can walk over the bridge to the seaside suburb of Salthill which is on the Galway Bay and is famous for its oysters.

There are plenty of reasonably priced places to stay in Galway, from the budget hostel to the slightly more expensive Radisson Blue. If you like the arty bohemian side of life stay in the Latin quarter of Galwa, it is THE most happening area, where you’ll be surrounded by artsy cafes and bars. Try staying at The Barnacles Quay, a hostel on Street Galway City and for those on a low budget it’s perfect. For those on a slightly higher budget head over to The House Hotel, 4 stars and also located in the The Latin Quarter. This hotel is a designer’s heaven, with art deco interiors, free Wi-Fi in all 40 rooms which are luxurious and beds are complete with padded headboards with zany colour schemes, comfortable bathrooms and bargain prices.

Galway is renowned for supporting its blossoming theatre community: the Druid Theatre is famous for staging experimental works by new young Irish playwrights. Its home is in a fabulous old tea warehouse.

A grand historic sight and worth a visit is the Hall of the Red Earl, back in the 13th century when the de Burgo family were running things in Galway. Richard, the Red Earl built a large Hall as his seat of power. The Red Earl and his family were usurped by the ‘14 tribes’ and since then the hall has been left to deteriorate and was lost. Until 1997, when the Custom House was built on stilts overhead, this left the old foundations open. There are many artefacts and interesting displays that give you a sense of life 900 years ago in Galway.

DNA Tests in Ireland

International Biosciences accept orders for DNA Tests from Galway, the surrounding areas and all of Ireland. We also have an authorised sample collection facility in Dublin for legal cases.

In Ireland, the Status of Children Act maintains that children are the offspring of their mother’s husband unless it is proved otherwise. But for unmarried parents, there is a need for DNA tests. If an unmarried mother names a man as the father of her child on the birth certificate, she can then attempt to obtain maintenance from him in the family law courts. Equally, a man who suspects that he is the father of a particular child may find that the mother is unwilling to have him involved. DNA tests will help in these situations.

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