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DNA Testing in Cork


Ireland’s second city is first in every detail, at least according to the locals, who happily call it the ‘real capital of Ireland’. The compact city centre is surrounded by remarkable waterways and is chock full of countless restaurants nourished by arguably the best foodie scene in the country.

The River Lee flows around the centre, an island packed with majestic Georgian parades, pokey 17th-century alleys and contemporary masterpieces such as the opera house. St Patrick’s St runs from St Patrick’s Bridge on the North Channel of the Lee, through the city’s central shopping and commercial area, to the Georgian Grand Parade, which leads to the river’s South Channel. North and south of St Patrick’s St lie the city’s most enjoyable quarters: webs of narrow streets overflowing with pubs, cafes, restaurants and shops.

Cork’s vitality is reflected in modern buildings, bars and arts centres. The best of the city is still fortunately traditional, though – cosy pubs with live-music sessions most of the week, first-rate local food and a genuinely honoured welcome from the locals.

International Biosciences accept orders for DNA testing kits from Cork, the surrounding areas and all of Ireland. We also have an authorised sample collection facility in Dublin for legal cases.

DNA Testing in Ireland

In Ireland, the Status of Children Act maintains that children are the offspring of their mother’s husband unless it is proved otherwise. But for unmarried parents, there is a need for DNA testing. If an unmarried mother names a man as the father of her child on the birth certificate, she can then attempt to obtain maintenance from him in the family law courts. Equally, a man who suspects that he is the father of a particular child may find that the mother is unwilling to have him involved. DNA testing will help in these situations.

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