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IBDNA Announces Launch of Next Day Online Results Service

DUBLIN, Ireland – 1st November 2013 – Leading international DNA testing company International Biosciences has recently introduced a new, next day online results pick up service as an additional option to its standard 4 working day turnaround time. This service enables clients to download their results directly on the company website the next working day after samples are received at the company offices.

This service has recently been introduced by International Biosciences as a means of expediting results, allowing clients to access their results sooner. The introduction of this new service is part of the company’s mission to consistently provide the most efficient levels of service with results in the shortest turnaround times. A company representative notes the importance of next day results service stating that, “International Biosciences is a client-oriented DNA testing company and by introducing this new service we have effectively reduced the waiting period for our clients. We at IBDNA understand DNA testing has the potential to change people’s lives and from our experience, we know that clients are often apprehensive about receiving their DNA test results. Any prolonged waiting may translate into more stress and anxiety. With our next day online result pick up they can access their results the next working day starting from the moment of receipt of samples at our office at an additional fee”.

IBDNA’s recent service enables clients to access their results at any time once these are available on the company website. All they need to do is enter their 32 digit pick up code to download their results. The company provides the 32 digit code to the person requesting the DNA test but any person who has taken part in the test whose identification has been verified by the company can also request it. Thanks to this convenient service International Biosciences’ clients who avail of this service not only have instant, 24 hour access to their results once completed but can also check the status of the test and analysis without the need to contact the company. International Biosciences notes how certain logistical changes had to be made in order for this new service to operate smoothly and efficiently. A company representative highlights how “in order to be able to offer this service, we had to re-align and introduce new internal processing and administration procedures. We also had to set up the required website pages with our client, the end user, in mind. The online result pick up page had to be easy to navigate and user friendly”.

This next day results service is offered by IBDNA at an additional cost and on a range of DNA testing including maternity testing, paternity testing, sibling testing, avuncular testing as well as grandparentage testing. The service is however, only offered on non–court admissible results. IBDNA currently only offers this service for the aforementioned tests only but aims to offer this service on other tests in its portfolio in the near future.

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About International Biosciences

International Biosciences offer a wide range of DNA testing services, including paternity, siblingship and other relationship tests as well as DNA tests for immigration purposes, child custody cases and even DNA ancestry research. IBDNA benefit from an award–winning Molecular Biologist as one of their directors allowing them to remain at the forefront of international genetic research.

IBDNA also provide a comprehensive website,, detailing every aspect of the DNA testing process, showing everything from the differences between home DNA testing and legal DNA tests, to consent issues and understanding the final results report.

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