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DNA Test Reveals Match in Dwyer Murder Trial


The mystery goes on around the curious murder case of childcare assistant, Ms Elaine O’Hara (36) whose skeletal remains were discovered in 2013 by a dog walker more than a year after she was reported missing in 2012. The case continues in the Central Criminal Courts in Dublin. The prosecution insist that Graham Dwyer (42), an architect of Kerrymount Close, Foxrock, is the killer and accuse him of her murder at Killakee, Rathfarnham on August 22, 2012. It seems that even Dwyer’s wife has admitted that a spade found near Elaine’s body belonged to the accused.

DNA Test Reveals Profile Match

A forensic scientist has confirmed that a DNA test confirmed a profile match with the accused from semen stains found on Elaine O’Hara’s mattress as well as on a bean bag in her flat. Both had ‘stab cuts’ on them, the Criminal Court heard.

The prosecution states that Mr Dwyer killed her for his own perverse gratification. The chance of the DNA profile being from someone not related to Mr Dwyer was ‘less than one in a thousand million’ confirmed Dr Casey who works for the Forensic Science Laboratory at Garda headquarters. Apparently after an extensive search of the vehicles belonging to Mr Dwyer and a DNA test being carried out, none of Ms O’Hara’s DNA was found in any of the vehicles. But Dr Casey told the defence barrister that he HAD found Mr Dwyer’s full DNA on three of the spots and partial on two other spots of semen.

Letter From Dwyer to his Wife

It has also been reported that Mr Dwyer wrote a letter to his wife stating “I should have gone to the police when she went missing, I could have known where she might be but I didn’t”. He also said “There is another man, someone who likes Real Madrid and wears pink underwear who is involved in this. I believe this girl committed suicide and this man disposed of some embarrassing items on her behalf”, “Why do you think none of her family is pushing this? She tried to kill herself several times. I saved her life once” The letter went on to state that she had “been released from mental hospital that day” and was on several different medications.

Unfortunately for Mr Dwyer, his ex and mother of his first born son, Emer McShea has come forward and testified in court that Mr Dwyer used to pretend to stab her during sex with a kitchen knife.

The trial continues.

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